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Living Sex Toy Delivery: vol.1

Working for a moving company, Shouji is invited to a party by a girl named Yuika. However, something wrong happens, and multiple women take advantage of him, and make love to him repeatedly. When he recovers his memory, he finds himself stuffed in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks, with a suicide note stuffed inside. Shocked, he frantically escapes from the box. Vowing revenge, he sets off to Yuika's house. He pretends to be a delivery man, and enters her apartment. There he stuffs her in a box, and takes her to a hideout, where she will be used as a lure to contact the other party members that broke him. Watch the depravity of Shouji's revenge as he hunts down and boxes up the women for his carnal revenge...

Duration: 26 min

Censorship: No

Added: 06-02-2008

Release Year: 2002


Subt: -

Categorie(s): Anal, Bondage, BDSM, Creampie, Fisting

Genre(s): Thriller


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