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Oshioki - Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku: vol.2

When middle-aged teacher Joutaro Shimohei arrives mid-term at an all-girls high school, some of the delinquents greet him with wicked comments and glares behind his back. He?s comes across as a very quiet and nice dude? ?but in reality, Mr. Shimohei is here to discipline all the BAD GIRLS who act like they run the place. Those who cheat on tests, relax in class, slack-off in the halls, make-out with each other where ever they see fit, will all face the stern?yet, caring ?discipline? of Mr. Shimohei. There?s ANOTHER teacher at this school, and she seems to disregard to antics of some of the bad girls. It?s through looking at that same girl?s grades that Mr. Shimohei discovers his colleague is fixing all of the delinquents grades. The only way to make this ?Student Body? follow the rules is a strict ?lashing??with a hard 9-inch ?ruler?. Mr. Shimohei is one teacher who doesn?t ?spare the rod? on these spoiled princesses. Class is in session.

Duration: 19 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 19-04-2012

Release Year: 2012


Subt: -

Categorie(s): Big Tits, Group, Lesbian, Creampie

Genre(s): Romance, Adventure


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